Seeds  of  Success    
      A Leader, His Legacy, and The Lessons Learned

By John Brubaker, award winning author of The Coach Approach
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John Brubaker | Seeds of Success: A Leader, His Legacy, and The Lessons Learned

Seeds of Success WILL:

  • Give you a system for leaving a legacy and making an impact.
  • Teach you the value of developing your own mastermind group.
  • Demonstrate how teambuilding must be a way of life for organizations not an event.
  • Show you how to respond to adversity and deal with failure both on the field and in life.
  • Serve as your map on the journey to finding success and fulfillment.
  • Unlock your potential and give you the keys to leadership success.

John Brubaker, the award-winning author of The Coach Approach, takes readers on an enlightening and transformational journey to find their purpose and develop their leadership performance. Seeds of Success introduces readers to coaching legend Morgan Randall and his protégé a young, emerging leader Jack Burton. The book takes you on a yearlong journey where Coach Randall introduces Jack to a Marine Corps recruiter, a CEO, and a minister whom he refers to as the three wise men. These unlikely mentors teach Jack how to become a more authentic leader and show him that life is the curriculum, you are the student and everyone you meet has a lesson to teach.
Through the characters and the lessons in Seeds of Success, readers will acquire new ways to bring out their leadership best and the best in others.
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About John

John Brubaker is a consultant, motivational speaker, and award winning author of
The Coach Approach: Success Strategies From The Locker Room To The Board Room.

His consulting specializes in creating high performing teams and winning cultures. John's professional career has been focused on building synergy between organizational goals and the strengths of its individuals.

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